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Lifetime Service

 Cozy Homes technicians are happy to service and repair your existing fireplace. Contact us for details.

Annual Inspection

In order to maintain the safe operation of your fireplace, fireplace manufacturers recommend that you contact Cozy Homes Fireplaces to have a qualified technician perform an annual inspection. Annual inspection includes:

  1. Inspect and operate the pressure relief mechanism to verify relief mechanisms are free from obstruction to operate. 

  2. Clean glass window with a suitable fireplace glass cleaner. Abrasive cleaners will not be used.

  3. Inspect the operation of the flame safety system Pilot or Flame rectification device.

  4. Inspect and ensure the lighting of the main burner occurs within 4 seconds of the main gas valve opening. Visual inspection should match what is outlined in the appliance instruction manual. Inspect primary air openings or blockage. 

  5. Inspect condition of vent and vent terminal for sooting or obstruction and correct if present.

  6. Vacuum and clean any debris in the firebox that is not supposed to be there.

  7. Test and measure the flame failure response time of the flame safety system. It must de-energize the safety shutoff in no more than 30 seconds.

  8. Check all accessible gas-carrying tubes, connections, pipes, and other components for leaks. 

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